Click this button to play the Below prototype

Below is a card game crossed with a choose-your-own-adventure book. As you explore the dungeon you’ll draw cards from the Below deck to represent the dangers, denizens and paths you take. As they take their toll you’ll draw cards from the Above deck to represent your memories of your life before you came down here. Your memories may sustain you in the dark, but the more you play, the higher the stakes that drove you into the dungeon become.

The contents of your decks are determined by the choices you’ve made so far. Each card represents a chunk of story. Clicking on a deck fills your hand from it, showing the stories available to you. This is the main play screen:

A screenshot of the main play screen for Below

 When you play a card from your hand, you’re presented with an event and the choices you can make in response. What you choose will shape your character, the world around you, and the direction of your story. Here’s the story interface:

A screenshot of Below's story interface

But the best way to decide if you want to back Below is to play it! We’ve built a proof-of-concept prototype. It doesn’t have final art, the difficulty level isn’t tuned, a number of gameplay systems have yet to be incorporated, and it represents only a fraction of the final content (just one character, and a subsection of a single dungeon) – but it gives a good indication of the atmosphere and gameplay we’re aiming for.

Click this button to play the Below prototype

Below will be a free-to-play game built on the StoryNexus platform. Its core content can be played by everyone, but additional dungeons and characters can be purchased in-game, allowing you to delve into the world’s deepest secrets and experience new abilities and stories. StoryNexus games are played sporadically, in short, meaningful chunks. You have a pool of actions, and spend them to draw or play cards. You get an action back every 10 minutes or you can purchase action refreshes if you’d rather not wait.