Below’s dungeons are terrifying, mysterious places rooted in the land’s history. By exploring them you will uncover the world’s secrets and piece together its lost stories.

A gloomy subterranean hall, with a single traveller huddling by a campfire

The Bellringer’s Tomb

The Bellringer brought the Toller faith to Gallowmoor. His faithful carved his tomb from a mountain’s foot. His Bell rings in the depths, luring the pious, the greedy and the desperate. Can you return it to the world above?

The Isle of the Fire-Queen

At night, the archipelago burns on the horizon. A dragon lairs there. The same dragon that once scoured Gallowmoor, and was the death of the Bellringer. Descend to the broken city where the dragon prowls and roars. Are you her sister, her prophet, her seducer, her slayer? What was she to the Bellringer? And what will she be to you?

The Sea-King’s Grave

This lonely barrow is the tomb of a Sea-King, but the cliffs where it lies were the home of something older and fiercer still. A curse protects the tomb, the worst curse his enemies could drag from the depths of the grey sea. But you have sworn an oath stronger than any curse. Are you here to avenge his victims or learn his secrets? Do you fear the Dead, or welcome them? Who was the Sea-King, truly? What oaths did you swear on the surface, and which will you keep?

Copperlamps Hold

Spiteful knot-goblins guard a thrice-locked door of iron. In the labyrinth behind the door lie ninety-nine lamps of copper. Each, they say, holds a different wish. Can you survive the immortal intrigues of the goblins? What is the wish you seek? How will you pit desire against danger, and who will you give to the Power that waits in the last lamp?

The Sunken Tower

The wizard who lived here was powerful, but he desired more. He was taught an unwise word by the Masters under the earth, and its echoes dragged his last home beneath the earth.  The wizard’s Bone-Book and Cauldron of Keys remain here, down here among the broken stones and twisted spells. Why do they haunt your dreams? What is the power that grows in your tears? Seek them, but beware echoes. Beware labyrinths. Above all, beware mirrors…