Below’s heroes are everyday people driven to exceptional things.  Each one has their own gifts to help them explore the world below, and their own pasts to explore.

Their home is old, broken Gallowmoor, a land at the mercy of its own legends. Laughing eyes watch from its woods. Dry voices whisper beneath its gravestones. From the sea come serpent-prowed ships, bringing sword-wedded raiders who claim to be the kings of a lost land. Gallowmoor needs heroes. Who will stand for her?


The Barefoot FriarA wary friar, carrying a lantern

“Life is lent. The Lord of Tolls clothed us in flesh and bone. He made a world to house us, beasts and crops to feed us. We owe him all that we are. And he will be repaid.”

The Friar travels the land, ringing his bell to call to the faithful. He leads their worship, weighs their sins, and presides over their births, marriages and burials. His faith sustains him – the Lord of Tolls guides his way, and he does not fear pain or suffering. If he is devout, he may even wield relics to protect him in the dark places.


A young woman carrying a shield and an axeThe Smith’s Daughter

“Fine. I’ll do it.”

Design intention: the Smith’s Daughter is about self-reliance and defying others’ expectations. She’ll have abilities that let her stay down in the dungeon for longer, that let her take a more martial path, and open a unique crafting tree that doesn’t rely on bonds. More as development progresses!


Other Characters:

  • The Masterless Apprentice: a young wizard, half-trained then cast out with a handful of old lore and a scattering of spells.
  • The Landless Lady: her hall is lost, her wealth gone. Nevertheless, she must provide for her people.
  • The Desperate Killer: he does not deny his crime, but can he find redemption in the places below?

We’ll reveal more about these characters as the game progresses.