Today we unveil the second of Below‘s playable characters: the Smith’s Daughter. In Below, each characters’ abilities have to express something about them. The themes of the Smith’s Daughter’s are defiance and self-reliance.


A young woman carrying a shield and an axe

After the break: the problems with crafting.


Sorry it’s been quiet around here. Blame Christmas (pesky Christmas), and the fact that a lot of recent development has been profoundly unsexy maths. We’ll make up for it with a bijou barrage of posts over the next week.

After the break, check out some more new art, including a very special piece…


A mini-update today: another excerpt from the Below bible. But do check back here tomorrow, when if all goes according to plan I’ll have some excellent Below-related news.

Read on after the break. Warning: contains Beowulf. Lots and lots of Beowulf.


While developing Below, we created a bible document to guide the process. Here’s an excerpt from it, setting out  the game’s inspirations. As much as we love other dungeon delving games, we wanted Below to go back to the roots of the genre, drawing from the literary sources that started it all (and a few more recent ones that went in different directions).

After the jump, expect to see the word ‘Moria’.