Below Status Update #3: Something is Watching…

If you missed this week’s announcement about Below’s impending prettification, check it out here. Then come back and read on.

After the break there’ll be another spoonful of delicious new Yasmeen Khan art, and a pre-emptive apology for the horrible, horrible things that Below is going to do to your adventurers.


I don’t know what this lady’s found, but we wants it, preciousssss…

A man crouched on a stair rising through a columned hall, with something bright shining in his hands.

The Discovery

I love how Yasmeen has placed the stair within a columned hall, to convey a sense of convoluted subterranean architecture, and how you get the impression of a snatched moment of respite. Why’s she examining her find on the stairs? Presumably because this is the first safe moment she’s had since she snatched the damn thing from a mouldering tomb…

Sorry about the Tomb-Rot. And the dark. And the curses. And everything else.

Development of Below surges onward (although interrupted by children’s nativity plays and Christmas parties). The Below deck has more than doubled in size, and conditions (like Lost, Dark, and Hurt) have been given an overhaul. They’re now organised into tiers – you’ll tend to experience the worse ones as you go deeper into the dungeon. Unless of course, you leave a condition untended too long, because lesser conditions can now escalate into more serious ones.

Also, not enough bad things were happening to adventurers, so I added some more conditions to the mix. As a sneak peak, here’s a couple of new ones that you’ll see:

  • Cursed: this insidious condition makes other ones nastier. It’s possible to remove a curse, but doing so isn’t as straightforward as removing other conditions.¬†While things are going well and you don’t have many conditions affecting you, being cursed isn’t so bad. But as soon as your luck starts to turn…
  • Watched: while you’re being watched, the denizens of the dungeon know where you are. They’re close. And sometimes they’ll strike. What form this takes will depend on which dungeon you’re exploring. This makes the dungeon an active place that responds to your presence. It knows you’re there. And it’s not happy.

Sorry. Sorry.





  1. Lily Fox December 21, 2012 4:57 pm  Reply

    I’m not sorry; this sounds GREAT.

  2. Andy Raff December 25, 2012 3:09 pm  Reply

    Sounds and looks great. Love the sense of verticality and depth in the art. Love painful, crippling conditions.

  3. Vael Victus December 27, 2012 1:02 am  Reply

    I am so excited for Below! :} Really! I can’t wait to play.

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