A bijou update-ette

Manic work on Below continues. Meanwhile, a smattering of bits and pieces to report.

After the break: an interview, a nerd-moment and some news about the Below beta…

The lovely knotwork above is another of Yasmeen’s pieces – I adore Anglo-Saxon knotwork, and it ties neatly into Below’s themes. Yasmeen has provided a labyrinth of gorgeous knots to use on icons and cards. Some of them are so complex my eyes bulge.

And now, the news


I was recently interviewed by the very lovely folks at Haywire magazine about Below, writing, Fallen London and choice in gaming check it out online here.


If you’re in any way nerdy, take a look at this kickstarter for Dicecards. At first glance they just look kinda cool, but the closer you look the more you see the effort and thought that’s gone into them. They’re crammed with randomisers from every eccentric corner of gaming. Check out the full list here. 18th century British naval gambling games? The Futhark? Zener cards? Dreidal? I’ve never even heard of Dreidal. Fantastic!


And finally, Below is close to entering its beta stage. If you were a kickstarter backer and asked to be a Venturer I’ll be in touch soon. If you’re playing the prototype and everything suddenly explodes – er – sorry. I’ve probably hooked the oscillating transmogrifier up to the dual-polarity flange instead of the trans-wave ludoscope.

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