Monthly Archives: June 2013

It’s been quiet here as I’ve worked on the latest update to Below’s beta, and lots of the discussion has moved over to the game’s G+ community. But that update is even now being tunnelled through by keen-eyed beta testers. It’s a biggy, adding mounds of new content and a number of new systems for players to sink their teeth into.

The new content¬†includes a third, multi-stage, quest in the Bellringer’s Tomb, as well as tons of new treasures and Legacies.

The new and revised systems include a new resource called Strength of Will that lets you use your Boldness, Subtlety and Wits attributes in new ways, a revamped treasure system, an all-new waypoint system that lets you camp anywhere and establish bases throughout the dungeon, and an achievements system to recognise your accomplishments.

I plan one more big update that will revamp the Above Deck, and after that I’ll be inviting a second wave of beta testers in (so if you’ve requested an invite, expect to hear from me then). Once that’s out of the way, the game will be going live!

I can almost smell it. Full notes on the current update (which is currently only available to members of the closed beta) follow the break.