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I am so excited. I can only apologise in advance for the terribly un-British tone of this post.

Why am I all a-quiver? Because the latest issue of PC Gamer contains an extensive article on text -based gaming, in which Below gets a lovely capsule review! The article was written by the excellent Richard Cobbett, and is a fantastic read on the thriving state of the genre. There are interviews with the Failbetter guys, the Inklewriter folks, and recommendations of some fine, fine games you might not be aware of.

In celebration, I’ve opened the current beta build of Below to the public, replacing the old prototype. That build contains a new characters, piles of new dungeon content, initial versions of the death and legacy systems, revised quests, new skills, an enhanced town and camping system, squillions of gameplay enhancements, improved words, and much, much more!

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Death and Betas

Today my slime-filled crypt is festooned with balloons. There is rejoicing! For the first day of the beta has seen only modest (and occasionally quite pretty) explosions. The testers are doing an amazing job of finding bugs and pointing out my typos (which, like the stars, are without number). Meanwhile, over at the Below Google+ community, we’re discussing how many actions you should get and how fast the refresh rate should be. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and the community is open to everyone whether you’re in the beta or not. Drop by and chime in!

Fingers-crossed, touch-wood, avert-the-evil-eye, things seem to be going well. So this seems a good time to talk about death.

After the break: death.