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The Below beta is now live! If you backed the Kickstarter, you’ll be receiving an invitation very shortly. Check your email!

There’s now a Google+ community for Below, which I hope beta testers will use to post their thoughts and stories. It’s a public community, so drop by, take a look and join in!

After the break, check out the many, many improvements you can find in the beta.


Drawing for Below

Apologies for the radio silence – I’ve been hard at work on Below adding lots new content and systems. We stand upon the cusp – the very cusp! – of beta. Once it’s live I’ll be posting information on topics like death, legacy, questing and maths (try to contain your excitement, at the back) over the next week. But to break the silence, here’s a very special guest-post written by Yasmeen Khan, who is providing the vast majority of Below’s bespoke art.

Yas has gone above and beyond. Because of her, the entire Below deck now has eerie, dedicated monochrome art and we have the most beautiful banners for the dungeons and Gallowmoor. Oo. And she’s working on some very funky tweaks to the StoryNexus UI that make tracking things like Spirit, Depth, skill cards and quest cards super-easy.

After the break, read Yasmeen’s take on making art for Below, and see the thing she drew that freaked me right the **** out.


Today we unveil the second of Below‘s playable characters: the Smith’s Daughter. In Below, each characters’ abilities have to express something about them. The themes of the Smith’s Daughter’s are defiance and self-reliance.


A young woman carrying a shield and an axe

After the break: the problems with crafting.


Sorry it’s been quiet around here. Blame Christmas (pesky Christmas), and the fact that a lot of recent development has been profoundly unsexy maths. We’ll make up for it with a bijou barrage of posts over the next week.

After the break, check out some more new art, including a very special piece…